Finally Films

green-screen-set-profileHi and thanks for visiting!

I’ve got a few things going on, working on getting some projects made. And of course, always working to sharpen my directing, producing and writing skills by working on short films.

With the pandemic and shutdowns, production has been very slow, so I have concentrated on writing, and doing some producing work to get a few projects up on their legs. I am looking forward to getting back behind the camera soon!

I’ve recently finished a documentary short about a terrific organization called Operation Safehouse. It’s a non-profit in Riverside, that offers shelter to minors, and helps get homeless young adults back on their feet.

The show was spearheaded by a dynamo of a woman called Robin Gee, and she recruited several women from the DGA to help make it happen.

In the meantime, I’m waiting on the news about financing on one film, and have a few more in development. Exciting times! Please check out my bio and portfolio for more. And the blog – it’s an interesting time to be a woman with some history in this industry.