In Development

I’ve noticed that if you wait around for work to come to you, you end up waiting an awful long time. That’s why I write. I’m a storyteller, and there are more than a few stories that I’d so love to be a part of telling.


Here are a few things in the works, which I am attached to direct:


What if Josef Mengele, the butcher of Auschwitz, lived to stand trial? What would his defense be?

And what if the man who defends him is someone who has made his reputation as a human rights advocate?

That’s the premise of this updated remake of a critically lauded German film, which played at Cannes, Berlin and Toronto. It’s a taut thriller, as one of these characters tries to hold on to his humanity while the other battles for supremacy.

We are currently in discussions with financiers.

Fran is at the top of her game as a journalist, when she gets the news her mother has terminal cancer. She tries to
juggle life and career, and discovers she really can’t do it all.

Brian Boru is the Braveheart of Ireland. He drove out the Vikings, and helped create the Ireland that exists today. His was a heroic journey full of battles, betrayals, and love found and lost.

Each chapter of his life was strongly influenced by the woman at his side. They help him, hurt him, and drive him to the final battle with the Vikings, which turned the tide for the culture and future of Ireland.

This is a limited series. The pilot script was a finalist in Austin Film Festival’s Table Read My Screenplay contest.


In the vein and with the tone of PULP FICTION, this is based on a critically well-received book (I have the rights). Solomon Long (Solo) is a hitman. A very good one. So he doesn’t expect any problems when he heads to Kansas City to remove some ‘community activists’ from a local mobster’s hair.

Except things really don’t go as planned. It becomes a race against time when the hitman turns savior, determined to save the people he was sent to kill.

This script was a finalist for the Templeton Prize.


Madeleine Henry is an aging network correspondent in a world where young and blonde gets the job. She knows she has to get that big important story, the ‘un-gettable get,’ to hang on to her position. So she sets out to interview the world’s most elusive terrorist, once a wave of bombings hits western Europe.

Her ally in this is a sexy university professor who has access to the terrorist community. The two of them go on a cat-and-mouse journey of false leads until the terrorists hijack a plane full of American tourists. It’s only then she finds out who her allies really are.


If, for some reason, these films take a while to get funded, I am also developing several short films.


Jack Kerouac and a mythical horse weave a moment of magic for a young girl. Hoping to shoot this one late summer or early fall 2021.


Angela refuses to admit she’s homeless. After all, she was a decorated soldier, until recently. She’s used to fighting her own battles. But this is one she can’t do on her own.


A magic camera opens the world to a shy woman, until she sees something she wishes she hadn’t.