In Development

I’ve noticed that if you wait around for work to come to you, you end up waiting an awful long time. That’s why I write. I’m a storyteller, and there are more than a few stories that I’d so love to be a part of telling.

Here are a few things in the works:


Art crimes that lead to criminal conspiracies. A team of crime fighters that includes an art thief, an ‘enforcer,’ an autistic body language expert and a white hacker. Based on a successful series of 15 books.


Ireland’s “Braveheart” drove out the Vikings, and helped create the Ireland that exists today. His was a heroic journey full of battles, betrayals, and love found and lost.

This is a limited series. The pilot script was a finalist in Austin Film Festival’s Table Read My Screenplay contest.



A drama, which posits the question, What if Josef Mengele, the butcher of Auschwitz, lived to stand trial? What would his defense be?

That’s the premise of this updated English language remake of a critically lauded German film, which played at Cannes, Berlin and Toronto. It’s a taut thriller, as one of these characters tries to hold on to his humanity while the other battles for supremacy.


An action thriller in the vein and with the tone of PULP FICTION.. A hitman has a change of heart, after his latest hit returns to haunt him. So he sets out to save the rest of the targets on his hit list.

This script was a finalist for the Templeton Prize.


A thriller about an aging female network correspondent knows she has to get that big important story, the ‘un-gettable get,’ to hang on to her position. So she sets out to interview the terrorist who has the West on tenterhooks. But when she falls in love with her source, things go sideways.


If, for some reason, these films take a while to get funded, I am also developing several short films:

  • Jack Kerouac and a mythical horse weave a moment of magic for a young girl. Based on an unpublished memoir the former poet laureate of the US called ‘breathtaking.’
  • A homeless female vet fights for her sanity on the streets of LA
  • A magic camera opens the world to a shy woman, until she sees something she wishes she hadn’t.